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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

The Youth Bowling Council (YBC) program is about to get under way for the new season. Youth bowling sessions, for children and teenagers from three to eighteen, take place in all of our centres. In many centres, multiple shifts are held to accommodate the large number of youngsters wishing to bowl in organized league play. On all pre-registration days, bowlers receive a free game of bowling, rental shoes, pop and a bag of chips when they come in to register.

All of our centres have a youth bowling Program Director as well as supervisors, coaches, instructors and scorekeepers. These volunteers organize the leagues, administer the programs and provide instruction throughout the season from September until May.

Youth leagues are run in the same fashion as regular adult leagues. Handicaps are given, all bowlers are placed on teams and standings are posted weekly. The YBC tournaments are scheduled in which all youngsters are eligible to compete. The YBC's Four Steps To Stardom Tournament leads to a national final. The best bowlers usually qualify for this event. We have sent many representatives to the Canadian finals in the past. The YBC is a national program. Each province has its own association and each province is divided into zones. A Zone Rep oversees the activities in his or her own zone. In addition to the regular weekly bowling, the YBC offers a full cresting program.

All youth leagues participate in fund raising events. At the start of the season, the YBA licensed lottery takes place. Youngsters can earn their own bowling shirts, equipment and other attractive merchandise prizes by selling lottery tickets. The draw takes place just before Christmas. This is followed by the YBC's National Fund Campaign, where chocolate covered almonds are sold to raise funds for the YBC programs and the individual leagues.

Each year, we conduct a series of interhouse tournaments. Separate events are held for the various divisions in both five and tenpin. In total, nine tournaments are held during the months of October, November and December.

All events are held to bring together bowlers of like ability and to bring together our Program Directors and Supervisors in a spirit of friendly competition with "participation" being the most important part of the program.

All tournaments are pins-over-average events. This allows every calibre of bowler to take part. It is rewarding to see our youth bowlers enjoying the competition while making new friends.

Congratulations go out to all members of the winning teams and to all of the individual award winners. Unlike other sports where the full fees are paid at registration, bowling fees are paid on a weekly basis. This makes it much easier to budget the annual costs.

We look forward to an increased enrollment this season. Registration forms are available in all of our centres. All youngsters, regardless of ability, are encouraged to join in the fun. Bowling will commence on the weekend after Labour Day but new bowlers can register at any time during the season.

For further information, talk to our staff and you will be directed to the appropriate YBC volunteers.

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